Robot Automation for Your Haas CNC Lathes and Mills

Would you like to increase the output of your Haas equipment while being able to quickly respond to the ever-changing market demand for machined parts?  Would you also like to use less manpower and physical labor?  RoboJob can provide robotic automation solutions for machine tending of your Haas CNC machines. We specialize in expertly installing standard machine tending systems for robotic automation in loading and unloading of Haas lathes and mills. Our software and hardware can be installed on a brand new or existing Haas equipment.

Easy to use solutions

RoboJob NV is the market leader throughout western Europe: our products are the most compact loading solutions on the market. The equipment is specially designed to ensure the area in front of your Haas CNC remains clear and unobstructed during job set-up, tool adjustments, and processing first article parts. In addition, the RoboJob software and hardware consists of easy-to-use solutions; with just one click of the button, you can adjust the speed of the robot, adjust the clamping force of the grippers, or allow the robot to even grip eccentrically. These are just a few benefits from a long of list standard features, opening up a world of more possibilities.

Expert Installation, CNC Integration and On-site Training with Robot Automation

When selecting from one of RoboJob’s robot automation solutions, you will benefit from several advantages; for example, the installation of our unique software and hardware only takes 3 to 5 working days, including half a day of on-site training, and because we use a Robot-To-Machine Interface control box, your machine also remains protected and under its warranty. Furthermore, thanks to our configurable and unique feed and parts nesting plate, specific grid plates are not required.

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