About RoboJob USA

RoboJob-USA is an alliance between RoboJob NV and Fusion OEM focusing on the integration of robotic, automated CNC machine tending solutions for all CNC turning and milling machines in the United States. We are unique in that we utilize the technology we sell. We get it! We are experienced machinists and engineers that test everything to prove the technology before selling it.

About Fusion OEM

Fusion’s story begins as a contract manufacturer of lite-duty industrial equipment for OEMs almost 20 years ago, then fast forward to 2017 where they were named one of Forbes Magazine’s Top 25 Small American Companies. Today Fusion manufactures more than 100 different products – from simple assemblies of machined parts to complex electro-mechanical industrial machinery. But when Fusion employees found a new manufacturing innovation on social media, Fusion’s service offerings did not stop there. Fusion’s head machinist along with some other employees saw online how robotics were doing work in machine shops and presented the idea of robots being installed in their facility. The staff was tired of doing the repetitive and dull tasks on the machine shop floor and were huge champions of investing in robotics. After convincing ownership, Fusion began to realize all the potential. Fusion deployed five robot systems in their machine shop within less than a year. These additions also allowed Fusion employees to take on more cerebral tasks such as job set-up, programming, and quality inspection. Fusion believed so strongly in their results that they decided to branch out even further and become a systems integrator for automated CNC machine tending of Haas CNC machines with products from RoboJob.

About RoboJob NV – Automated CNC Machines

RoboJob NV had its genesis in its sister company Aluro CNC. They have been active in machining for more than 25 years. In recent years, the company has been confronted with a well-known issue: machinist wages in the last 20 years have skyrocketed and batch sizes have dropped. That has substantially eaten into the margins of the machining companies.

Since the start of the economic crisis several problems emerged at sister company Aluro CNC, including the decline in the batch size of orders. The customer did not only want smaller order sizes but also faster delivery times and all this at capped prices. To meet these challenges RoboJob was founded. For and by the machining industry.

By taking this next step with automation, we help machine shop enterprises in increasing their output with efficient, reliable, uninterrupted machine tending throughout the day and into the off shifts (lights-out). This enhances their CNC equipment ROI and enables them to compete globally. Through this machine shop transformation, these companies can utilize their highly trained machinists to apply their skills to more advanced tasks such as setting-up the next job in another machine, CNC programming, and parts inspection.

RoboJob-USA offers complete and proven, turn-key machine tending solutions that help metalworking companies become more profitable, even in small batch processing, by offering standard, affordable, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, automation systems that are integrated to  CNC machines.


Continuous Development and Innovation

In partnership with our customers

Most comprehensive portfolio of standard products

RoboJob-USA can offer you the most comprehensive portfolio of standard automation products.  With these standard products, you can automate your turning lathe, milling machine, turning/milling combination or grinding machine.

Most comprehensive standard functions

All RoboJob-USA products are equipped with the most comprehensive standard functions in the market.

Modularly extendable

The modular extensions allow you to build your customised automation. This will not only spread your costs over time. You can also build your automation in function of the demand of your customers.

Fastest set-up and change-over time

Shortest proven set-up and change-over time in the market: only 5 minutes for a new component and 2 minutes for a repetitive component.


Installation only takes 3 to 4 days including half a day for on-site training.  Afterwards, your operators can immediately start using the automation, autonomously.

The most compact automation on the market

Compact, accessible and visible: our solutions are the most compact loading solutions on the market.

Unique stacking principle

Unique and patented stacking principle, whereby you have the largest capacity on the smallest surface area.

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